Mountain View iCity New Cairo

A City Within A City

At iCity, we have created an environment that gives you the possibility to indulge in everything you wish for, without compromise. iCity boasts a large and diverse bundle of features, homes and facilities that ensure there is something for everyone. With its innovative 4-Dimensional design, iCity offers separate layers for themed parks, lush outdoors and activities; the hidden motorway and parking layer; a fascinating 15km corniche connecting all the parks with walking, jogging and biking trails; and finally the privacy of your home. Just fifteen minutes away from the American University in Cairo, iCity is not only a city of its own, it is also close to many of New Cairo’s key attractions, setting it to become the new pulsing heart of New Cairo.

The Club Park

The active center of iCity, The Club Park, is not only a haven for sports enthusiasts; with its multitude of sports facilities and first-class sports academies. The Club Park was built to help you take care of your children’s health as well as yours. A place where you don’t have to feel stressed about being stuck in traffic while trying to be a good parent. We wanted your children to grow in an environment that encouraged them to rely on themselves and gave them the opportunity to train, play, meet friends and build their character independently. We were also keen to provide this lifestyle in a home that offered breathtaking, unique views.